The Dabowski Family

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Story of Rescue - the Dąbowski Family

During the Nazi occupation, Helena and Krzysztof Dąbowski, with their seven children, lived in the settlement of Długołęka near Knyszyn, in the region of Białystok.

From September 1942, in their home, they hid seven Jews, who had escaped from the train, which was transporting Knyszyn Jews to the ghetto in Białystok.

Those Jews, who found shelter in the Dąbowski family home were Ber Słodki (60 yo) with his wife Fruma, Rabbi Abram Krawiec (circa 27 yo) and his pregnant wife Szosza, Gerson Krawiec with his wife Jenta and their five-year-old son Szmuel.

Shortly after the end of the War, in May 1945, several armed people appeared at the Dąbowski home. They had heard that they had hidden Jews there during the War. The bandits demanded gold and dollars, which they were convinced that Dąbowski had obtained from those whom they were hiding.

When they received nothing, as Krzysztof Dąbowski had no such alleged valuables, they murdered him..

All those, who were in hiding in the Dąbowski home, survived. After the War, they left Poland.


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