Righteous without Borders. Acting for the sake of dignity and human rights

We invite you to view our virtual exhibition, Righteous without Borders”, dedicated to people and organisations which act for human rights and dignity. The exhibition was created in cooperation with the History Meeting House in Warsaw.

Who are the Righteous?

Righteous are amongst us. Those who are not indifferent provide aid to those in need. In light of wars, crime or terror, they defend human rights and dignity. They cross borders, creating a community of values. Always – then and now.

Our exhibition will acquaint you with the Righteous around the globe. We have selected and described people and organisations which have refused to feel helpless and have taken the initiative. Their stories – told through quotes and photographs – are linked by perseverance to act for the sake of others and for the world.

The concept of “Righteous” refers to the title of “Righteous Among the Nations” awarded by the Yad Vashem Institute, since 1963, to those who rescued Jews during the Holocaust. In a broader sense, the Righteous are, apart from those who saved Jews, those who, in various countries and moments in history, risked their lives and freedom in defence of human dignity and human rights.

The Exhibition’s Thirty Four Heroes

The heroes of the exhibition have been honoured in the Garden of the Righteous in the Warsaw Wola district, a commemorative site established in 2014. Among them are Righteous Among the Nations honoured by the Yad Vashem Institute, heroes from the period of the Holocaust, e.g. Jan Karski and Władysław Bartoszewski, as well as others who took action at other times in various places around the world, e.g. Nelson Mandela, Antonia Locatelli and Rosa Parks. 

In the exhibition, we also draw attention to today’s Righteous who face the effects of the ongoing civil war in Syria and who are concerned over the fate of the refugees. Amongst these individuals and organisations are, for example, the White Helmets volunteer civil defence organization who rescue victims of bombing in Syria, as well as Pietro Bartolo who provides medical help to the refugees from Africa and on the island of Lampedusa.

Be active, be helpful

Each of us can become a Righteous. Our exhibition presents selected organisations which aid victims of war, conflicts and persecution. You can also get involved!

Other exhibitions about the Righteous

We encourage you to view our virtual exhibitions, inluding the newest one dedicated to Irena Sendler. It was created in cooperation with Google Arts & Culture Institute on the occasion of 110th anniversary of Irena Sendler's birthday.

About the exhibition

“Righteous without Borders. Acting for the Sake of Dignity and Human Rights” online exhibition was created by POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in partnership with the History Meeting House.

Authors: Karolina Dzięciołowska (texts, concept), Klara Jackl / POLIN Museum (co-ordinator, concept) in conjunction with Artkolektyw
Assistants coordinators: Michał Horbulewicz, Mateusz Szczepaniak / POLIN Museum
Consultants: Dr Krzysztof Persak, Adam Dylewski, Małgorzata Waszczuk, Kamila Radecka-Mikulicz / POLIN Museum, Anna Ziarkowska / History Meeting House
English translation: Zofia Sochańska / POLIN Museum
Exhibition partner: History Meeting House
Warsaw 2017


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