The Bochenski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Bochenski Family

The Bocheński and Granat families knew each other well before the war. The Bocheńskis had a farm in Miechowice near Skierniewice. The Granats lived in nearby Jeżów – a settlement occupied mostly by Jews.

During the occupation, the Granats were relocated to the Rawa Mazowiecka ghetto. Right before its liquidation, four of the five Granat siblings managed to run away – Sara, Fiszel (Janek), Liba (Lubka) and Menachem (Moniek). Their parents and youngest sister stayed behind, ultimately, to perish. When the four eldest were leaving their father said to them, “Go to the Bocheńskis.” They followed their father’s advice and were able to hide with the Bocheński family from autumn of 1942 until January 1945.

Maria and Józef Bocheński had four children of their own. Their eldest, Antoni, actively participated in aiding the Granat children, helping his father build a hiding place in the barn and bringing them food. For 27 months the two families were at a risk of great danger.

Thanks to the Bocheńskis’ help, the Granat siblings survived the occupation. After the war they left for Israel, where they established families of their own. In 1999, upon their initiative, the Bocheńskis were pronounced Righteous Among the Nations. To this day, the Granats remain in cordial contact with Antoni Bocheński.


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