The Burakowski Family

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Story of Rescue - The Burakowski Family

During the Nazi occupation Marian and Alicja Burakowscy lived in Warsaw. Alicja was a dentist by profession. In 1942 Marian was asked for help by Edward Fisch, who escaped from the Lviv Ghetto together with his wife Paulina and son Adam. Marian put Paulina and the boy in a flat of his father-in-law near Laski. Edward stayed with Marian’s mother. To avoid suspicion of neighbours, Edward left the house every day and spent a few hours in the waiting room of Alicja’s dental practice.

The family also helped Bronisława Rychter who escpaed from the Warsaw Ghetto and whom Marian met when she was wandering the streets in search of other temporary places of refuge. Marian offered her a place in his house and took care of her needs until he managed to find a permanent hiding-place for her. Both Bronisława Rychter and the family Fisch survived the war.

Other Stories of Rescue in the Area


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