The Czupryniak Family

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Story of Rescue - The Czupryniak Family

In December of 1942, Janusz Czupryniak was working in Warsaw, in the Technology and Sales Office of W. Siwiecki. One day, a friend named Franciszek Żugajewicz contacted Janusz with the request that he help their mutual friends, the Rotenbergs. Before the war, the brothers Mosze Lejb and Manes Rotenberg had been owners of a sanitary goods factory located at the address Mleczna 8 in the city of Radom. 

Manes had been able to flee to Egypt by way of the USSR, but Mosze, together with his wife Olga Helena, had been placed in the Warsaw ghetto. After consulting his father, Władysław Czupryniak, Janusz decided to take the Rotenbergs to his own house. Before the Rotenbergs made it to the Czupryniak home in Ursus, at the address Mickiewicza 13, they spent several days in an safehouse at the corner of Chmielna and Zgoda in the centre of Warsaw. At this time, Janusz brought them food, cheered them on and served as their only contact with the outside world. When the Czupryniaks had a secure hiding place ready in their garden, Janusz organised their transport in a furniture delivery van, where the Rotenbergs concealed themselves among the furniture. Fortunately, Mosze and Olga only had to hide in the garden several times. They stayed with their benefactors until after the occupation, and after the war they returned to their native Radom. Later, they immigrated to Australia.

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