The Polish Association of the Righteous Among Nations

Members of the Association are Polish citizens, who were awarded the title of Righteous Among the Nations and their descendants. The aim of the Association is to commemorate the heroic deeds of the Righteous, to disseminate knowledge about the German occupation of Poland, the Holocaust and the efforts made to rescue Jews during that time, as well as to combat antisemitism and xenophobia.  

Membership and goals of the Association of the Righteous

The Polish Association of the Righteous Among the Nations was founded in 1985. It brings together Polish citizens who have been honoured with the title of the Righteous.

In 2014, a change in the Association’s constitution was introduced, which enables the descendants of the honoured persons to join the Association’s membership. Previously, they could only be supporting members. In 2018, POLIN Museum Directors received honorary members of the Polish Association of the Righteous.

The aim of the Association is to commemorate the Righteous, spread knowledge about the German occupation in Poland, the Holocaust and the saving of Jews, as well as to combat antisemitism and xenophobia. The Righteous meet with young people and teachers, take part in ceremonies and scholarly meetings and work together with people who are engaged in other veterans’ activities. The Association is supported by a grant from the Jewish Religious Community in Warsaw and by small contributions from its members, their number decreasing year by year.

Board of the Association of the Righteous

Between 1991 and 2008, Jerzy Śliwczyński was the Association’s Chairman. There were two Deputy Chairwomen: Irena Hamerska and Jadwiga Wolf, and the following members of the Board: Julian Szklarski and Alicja Borkowska. Zbigniew Mańkowski was the Association’s secretary and Janusz Czupryniak was treasurer. On 8th August 2008, the members of the Association elected the new authorities during the Plenary Meeting: Anna Stupnicka-Bando was elected the Chairwoman, Stanisław Świerczewski and Józef Walaszczyk were Deputy Chairmen, and Alicja Schnepf was elected the Secretary.

During the Plenary Meeting on 29th November 2014, a new board was elected. Its members were: Anna Stupnicka-Bando (Chairwoman), Alicja Schnepf, Stanisław Świerczewski, Józef Walaszczyk, Witold Lisowski, Tadeusz Stankiewicz and Tadeusz Burchacki representing the descendants of the community. The auditing committee consisted of Jadwiga Gawrych, Lucyna Bauer and Lena Stankiewicz, the daughter of a Righteous.

Currently (April 2024), the members of the Association’s Board are: Anna Stupnicka-Bando (Chairwoman), Mieszko Zieliński (Deputy Chairmen), Irena Senderska-Rzońca (Secretary), Alicja Schnepf (Board Memeber).


Polish Association of the Righteous Among the Nations

70 Wołoska Street, flat no. 1
02-507 Warsaw
tel. +48 22 646 25 26
e-mail: [email protected]

Office is open: Tuesday and Thursday from 10 AM to 12 noon.

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